We have over 35 years’ experience catering for Artists, Bands, Crew, Production, Film & TV locations, Festivals and Field Events.

We've toured across the UK, most European countries, Australia & New Zealand.

Our Chefs are fully qualified and the entire team are not only passionate about food and providing a great service, but are friendly and adaptable.


Catering to all dietary needs and preferences, we can provide Vegan, Vegetarian, Specialist diets /Allergies or mixed menus.

We use fresh ingredients and take pride in creating quality food to suit all tastes.


Having set up kitchens and seating areas in a massive array of venues over the years (from arenas to open fields), we supply & set up all equipment, even the kitchen sink!

We can either tour with you on the Bus & Truck or we can offer a Self-Drive service.

Dressing rooms, Bus riders, After-show food we can provide it all - just let us know what you need and we can make it happen!

As well as catering for the entire Crew, we can provide a personal Chef for Artists or even help with Buy-outs. 


We are here to create great food and make your job easier - we can work to your budget and your needs.

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